Unlike many bio’s I’ve read about other photographers, I didn’t fall in love with photography as a child or young adult. I’ve always had a creative side in me but gave that up shortly after graduating from high school to pursue a “practical” education and career in electronics. Back then I didn’t feel I would ever be good enough to earn a living as a graphic designer and at this point I’ll never know.

While in Japan on business in 2008, I was consumed by the culture and found myself photographing everything in sight. I was thinking creatively but didn’t have the proper skills to create impactful images. Shortly after returning from that trip I started exploring photography though the internet. I read articles and blogs online to help improve my skill set. In 2009 I bought my first DLSR, took a course in photography, and haven’t looked back.

Through photography, I’ve found that I’m able to express my true self  and have fallen in love with being creative again. I’ve realized that photography is a great tool to make a positive impact on this world we live in. This has strengthened my drive to be a better photographer so that I can capture timeless moments in people’s lives. I strive to make images that invoke emotion and create visually captivating subjects. My goal isn’t to simply make a beautiful image, but rather create an image that moves you.

I seek to transform lives through photography.

-Eric Kunimura

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