Back in September 2009 I came across Tasra Dawson’s Tasra365 blog. At that time, she had just embarked on a photo-a-day for 365 day’s photo project. This project was a challenged issued to her by photo guru Scott Bourne. Tasra extended an open invitation for anyone to join her on a journey to improve her photography 300%. The response was greater than expected with over 200 people following suit.

As the New Year (2010) approached I decided that one of my goals for 2010 would be to shoot more and improve my photography. As the old saying goes “practice makes perfect”; I decided it was time to join Tasra and many others on the road to improving their photography.

So as many who have accepted this challenge before me, I invite encourage you to join me on a journey to express your creativity, display your images for the world to see, improve your photography, and most importantly…challenge yourself!

My Unofficial Rules:

  • Take at least 1 photo per day
  • Read about photography online or in a book every day
  • View other professional images every day

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