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D166: Disconnected

In Black & White on June 16, 2010 by Eric Kunimura Tagged: , , , ,

If you’re asking yourself “what is this?” after looking at this image, I don’t think you’ll ever guess.

An uncommon trick to making interesting images is to simply rotate the image or flip it 180 degrees. I rarely do this and in fact, I’ve probably only done it twice in the past year but it worked for this image. This image is actually upside down from the way it was originally shot. After editing I decided to turn the image over and as it turned out, the image became much more interesting and unrecognizable.

So what is is?…It’s a water spicket in a brick wall of a school building. This is my 2nd day of looking for interesting subjects around a school near my home…

This image somehow lost sharpness after uploading to wordpress. Not sure why.

Read: Spent a lot of time researching new gear bags today so I guess my reading for today was technical information about camera gear.

Viewed: Showcase – Inspirational Images From Pros & PP Readers, Practical Photography, May 2010.


D165: Standby

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I decided to ride my bicycle down the street to a school in my neighborhood to make an interesting image. I think I’m going to limit myself to shooting around this school for the entire week.

Read: Communicate Your Strengths to Get Respect – a post by Scott Belsky at 99% blog.

“…our creative strengths will go unnoticed if they are not properly communicated to our colleagues, clients, and fans. Truth be told, people value only what they are told. In a world full of constant stimulation, it is every creative person’s responsibility to cut through the noise and broadcast their unique talents.” – Scott Belsky

Viewed: Images from Manila on Karl Grobl’s blog. Karl is one of seven Focus For Humanity advisory council members. I’ve been looking at each of these photographers dreaming of the day I can do what they do.


D126: Saturate or Isolate

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Today’s Tasra365 ThemeThursday subject is Color.

As a new photog I admit that I tend to experiment with the many different styles of other photogs. I like what I see and want to see if I can do it too. Although I’m pleased with the results, sometimes I’m not truly satisfied because I haven’t fully explored my own creative talents. I consider this mimicking part of the process of learning the skills that will allow me to create what I envision. These are skills that I build on to create my own individual style.

Do you mimic the work of others or do what’s true to who you are as a photographer?

My first image was practicing shooting at f/1.8 to create artistic bokeh. It’s been done hundreds of times before but now I know how to create this type of shot. With a little more practice I’ll have another skill under my belt. DOF is very thin and can be difficult to isolate the subject perfectly without patience.

This second image is me. This just happens to be an image that I liked from today’s adventure. I grabbed it by leaning out of my car window while waiting in queue at a drive-thru car wash. Of course I didn’t focus perfectly on the intended subject (the pink flowers) but over all the image still sparks interest.

Read: Gary Fong’s WHAT’S WRONG WITH WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY TODAY blog post. Quite a controversial post.

Viewed: Random images of color bokeh on Flickr. I was looking for ideas on bokeh using my 50 1.8.


D96: Light Rail

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Phoenix light rail (pun intended) over Tempe Town Lake at dusk.

How did I capture it? 15sec at F/20, ISO400

Read: Capturing Light Trails, Urban Landscapes, Practical Photography Magazine – April 2010

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