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D153: Slipping Away

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Today’s Tasra365 ThemeThursday subject is Time.

As creatives in pursuit of a dream it seems that the time we have slips through our fingers everyday. I find myself up late into the night reading, editing, and viewing images. I “make time” to pursue photography without interrupting my family life. I dream of days when I can spend all my time working creatively. I’m amazed how many people waste their precious time watching television, reading about celebrity news, shopping for useless material things, or keeping up to date with the latest gossip that has no direct impact on their lives. I wonder if, 30+ years from now these people will look back and regret not putting greater value on the time they had.

Are you taking full advantage of what little time you have in your life?

I had a lot of ideas for today’s theme but ended up shooting this. This was one of the times when a model would have been great but I had to make do with a mirror and myself. Sometimes I find myself full of ideas but neither time nor place to capture my most favorite idea.

Read: The Wisdom Of Cosby – Collide Magazine. You are who you hang-out with. If you want to be creative, surround yourself with creative people!

Viewed: Focus For Humanity council member and wonderful humanitarian Gavin Gough. I’m spending the next week or so to view the work of each FFH council member. These are the kind of photogs I admire.


D11: Time

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Today I made an attempt at a product shoot. I did it with a makeshift light box and a single speedlight. Needless to say I’ve got more learning to do but I think my first shot at it didn’t turn out too bad.

It always seems like there’s never enough time in the day. There’s so many things to do, see, and experience every day.  Most of the time I find myself staying up late reading or working on personal projects. Sometimes I stay up late to watch a movie or show that I can’t watch while my 6yr old is awake. If someone told me that I could add additional time to my day with the swipe of a credit card I might seriously consider taking them up on that offer…if it were possible.

If you could buy more hours in a day would you? What would you pay for more time?

Read: Shooting Product Like a Pro – The Digital Photography Book Vol.3 by Scott Kelby

Images: Looked through the Black and White set and some other sets of Jeff Jacobson (moacur) on flickr.