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D158: Not Made in China

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“Iteration or repetition of a subject makes for good composition.” The Daily Shoot: D204

I found my shot of the day while preparing to replace a broken floor tile in my home. In following with The Daily Shoot, I discovered my repetitive pattern when I turned a floor tile over to inspect the bottom of it. I was also delighted to see that it was made in Spain rather than China. The fact that this tile was circa 1991 is probably the reason it’s not made in China. Tile from Spain says “quality” to me.

Read: Composition: Prescriptive or Descriptive? – Matt Brandon’s The Digital Trekker.

Viewed: More of Matt Brandon’s images at The Digital Trekker. I’d love to be mentored by someone like Matt. I can only dream of doing what he does for NGO’s (non-governmental organizations).


D157: Bellflower

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Needing some inspiration today, I decided to follow Sandra Marek’s Daily Post challenge #204 and shoot a manhole cover (D152 of her 365). I think it was fun trying to come up with ideas on how to shoot a manhole cover. Do I shoot it horizontal with shallow DOF, straight down from directly over it, or capture it as an element in a landscape? Saturated color? De-saturated color? Black and white?  What do I want to say about this manhole cover? This was a great lesson in “how do I make this interesting”. In the end I chose this image. Thanks Sandra!

Read: Five Easy Tips For Handling Customer Problems – GoingPro2010. In addition to photography, this post applies to many other aspects of life.

Viewed: Powerful images by Matt Brandon. If you haven’t checked out The Digital Trekker yet I suggest you do so. Sensory overload. I think I’ll be there for a few days discovering more about photography.


D156: Wine-O

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In a pinch, it’s easy to find something around the house to shoot.


D154: Barred

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Read: Why use artificial light? – Michael Willems Daily Photography Blog.

Viewed: More images from Gavin Gough. Gavin is a Focus For Humanity council member and humanitarian. I admire this type of photog for his wonderful images and work he does to better the lives of others.


D144: SOC

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Straight out of the camera. I was pleasantly surprised with the result.

Read: Photofocus Podcast episode #34 featuring Kevin Kubota. Kevin and Scott touch on getting people to look at your photo’s online.

Viewed: Awesome images from Oregon based photographer Benjamin Edwards. Benjamin is not only a talented photographer but also a generous humanitarian. I truly admire people like Benjamin and his wife Lauren.


D112: Rust

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Today’s Tasra365 ThemeThursdsday subject is Rust. This is my contribution…

Read: 5 Fun Weekend Photography Projects [Part 1] by Natalie Johnson

Viewed: Galleries of Natalie Johnson of course!


D107: Shitake

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Day6 of the Kitchen Cupboard Challenge…one more day to go!

It’s amazing how light can enhance texture. If this shot was lit from above or from ambient light it would have looked flat and boring. By lighting with side light the wonderful texture of the shitake mushrooms are enhanced. The side light creates depth. Experiment with lighting from various angles until you get the look you envisioned.

Are you using light to it’s full potential?

Read: The Art of Exclusion, Practical Photograph, April 2010

Viewed: Hyogo, Japan photographer Tomo on Flickr. I can only wish to shoot with a Mamiya like she does.