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D140: Salvage

In Black & White on May 19, 2010 by Eric Kunimura Tagged: , , , , ,

Just when I thought I had a handle on “seeing” in black and white, I shot this flop today. The tree had lots of yellow flowers in it which caused it to blend into the background when I converted it to B&W. I should have recognized that but instead got caught up in the unusual color rather than thinking about it in B&W. I think this shot would have benefited from a larger aperture to help separate the background a little more. A heavy dose of dodge and burn helped isolate the tree and recover from the poor quality of the original image. I strive to get everything correct in the camera so that the image requires little post processing. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case today.  I admit to salvaging this image for today’s 365 post.

I went for something completely off-the-wall and not my usual style of processing. Let me know what you think and don’t sugar coat it. Bad crop, ugly purple hue, washed out background…I can handle it.

Only honest opinions can help me improve my photography. Don’t tell me what you like about it; tell me what you don’t like.

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D132: Terracotta

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Time to make a statement with bold color… Not truly terracotta, but this curved seating area was finished in a southwestern terracotta orange hue.

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D111: Stand Out

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Do you stand out in the crowd? Are you different from everyone else you know?

Be who you are and don’t be afraid to be different. People will either accept you or dismiss you. You don’t need the ones that dismiss you. Find people who will encourage and uplift you. People that are positive and accept you for who you are. Don’t be overshadowed by the status quo.

A few things you can do to find positive people like this are:

  • Display your work on Flickr
  • Join Flickr groups
  • Comment on the work you like from other people
  • Network on Twitter and follow positive and inspirational people such as Scott Bourne, Skip Cohen, and Seth Godin just to name a few
  • Joint Tasra Dawson’s Tasra365 challenge
  • Join a photography group in your area (photography forums and Facebook are good places to start)
  • Attend a photography workshop

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