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D148: Angel Hair

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…No not angel hair pasta. I shot some things for a personal project today but didn’t want to use them for my 365 post. I shot a few extra things to use for today’s post so here it is:

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D128: Starburst

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I went back and shot more cacti at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix. Here’s a peek at a cacti project I’m currently working on.

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D117: Desert Star

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I’ve really come to love black & white prints after seeing an Ansel Adams exhibit a few months ago. Since then I’ve read many articles on black & white techniques.

Here’s a technique that I haven’t read about but is something that I do to almost every black & white image I make. I add a subtle touch of sepia tone to warm the image and take that cold grey feeling away. After I’ve process the image to black & white and flatten the layers, I apply a sepia filter of 10%-20% density over the image. I typically apply greater sepia density if it’s an image of people or other living things. I apply approximately 10% sepia density to subjects like architecture or other static subjects. This is just a rule of thumb and you should add sepia filter to achieve the feel you want.

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