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D161: Leaving on a Jet Plane

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I’m on vacation for the weekend to cooler climates. I’ll try to keep the updates going as usual but I can’t guarantee anything. You can bet I’ll be grabbing a daily shot but I may have to catch up on the posts next week. It’s always inspiring to be away from the daily grind.

Read: Watched Zack Arias on Can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow.

Viewed: Images throughout South West Airlines’ magazine. I’ve never realized that advertising magazines are full of photography. Very diverse styles from many different photographers and ad agencies.


D154: Barred

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Read: Why use artificial light? – Michael Willems Daily Photography Blog.

Viewed: More images from Gavin Gough. Gavin is a Focus For Humanity council member and humanitarian. I admire this type of photog for his wonderful images and work he does to better the lives of others.


D132: Terracotta

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Time to make a statement with bold color… Not truly terracotta, but this curved seating area was finished in a southwestern terracotta orange hue.

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Viewed: More of Cheyenne Elllis’s world class portrait work.


D129: Leaves

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It’s hard to focus on a moving object (blowing in the breeze) at f/1.8…

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Viewed: Joe McNally If you’re a photog you should already know who he is. Google him if you don’t know.


D125: Comrades

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Today’s image was complete randomness. A shopping cart accompanying a shrub in the middle of an enormous field as if they were two lonely souls seeking companionship. Exact opposites. Cold, metal, empty cart and organic, free-flowing shrub full of life.

Read: I Can Remove Your Watermark With No Problem, Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider.

Viewed: Amazing work  of Caleb Charland. Talk about creative and innovative ideas!


D106: Lone

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I missed yesterdays Tasra365 ThemeThursdsday subject Negative Space but decided to shoot it today.

I shot this in a dark room with a small single light at top right and a reflector at camera left.

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Viewed: Revisited the heart wrenching portfolio of award-winning Bangladeshi photojournalist G M B Akash. Some of the most influential humanitarian images I’ve ever seen.