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D165: Standby

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I decided to ride my bicycle down the street to a school in my neighborhood to make an interesting image. I think I’m going to limit myself to shooting around this school for the entire week.

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“…our creative strengths will go unnoticed if they are not properly communicated to our colleagues, clients, and fans. Truth be told, people value only what they are told. In a world full of constant stimulation, it is every creative person’s responsibility to cut through the noise and broadcast their unique talents.” – Scott Belsky

Viewed: Images from Manila on Karl Grobl’s blog. Karl is one of seven Focus For Humanity advisory council members. I’ve been looking at each of these photographers dreaming of the day I can do what they do.


D77: Pastel Lines

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Today’s Tasra365 Theme Thursday subject is Lines.

This image has seen minimal post. The soft pastel colors of the sky are just as the camera captured them. I’ve never seen the sky reveal these great colors. I guess you get lucky sometimes.

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