D235: Make me cringe

In Uncategorized on August 25, 2010 by Eric Kunimura

The Daily Shoot assignment for 2010/08/25:

Make a photo of a tool today. Screwdriver. Pliers. Computer. What’s the tool you find most important on a daily basis?

Call me weird but I’m one of only a few people in this world that like going to the dentist for routine cleaning. I had a dentist appointment today so I figured what better way to get my Daily Shoot image than to take my camera along and make an image of tools that most people utterly hate. Does the mere sight of these tools make you cringe?

If you’ve been wondering if I’m still continuing with this 365 project, know that I’m still working at it. Maybe just not as passionately lately but I’m still making images. I haven’t been posting them everyday but I do intent on filling in the blanks soon. I’ve shot the images but just  haven’t posted them. I guess this blog really reflects the way I’ve been feeling lately. I’ve been in a lazy mood and have sort of slacked off a bit. Not just with my photography but almost everything. I’ve been very scatterbrained lately…

Viewed/Read: Been watching Zack Arias’s Creative Live workshop again. Best $$ I’ve spent on photography so far. Glad I pre-paid before it went live.


4 Responses to “D235: Make me cringe”

  1. I had my routine dental hygiene cleaning done last month…that makes me a weird one too 😉

    Regarding your comment on “lazy mood” – we all go through a phase of laziness and perhaps that’s what you are on now. May be because of the summer weather….

  2. Yes Eric, you are weird…. :)So the Zack Arias workshop was good? I was this close to signing up for his Photo 101 workshop.I understand your moood. It happens. Nice job on the dentist’s tools. Definitely a shot that will cause an emotional if not a physical reaction.

  3. Yeah, the tools make my teeth curl.

  4. They look like torcher devices- LOL
    I was going to purchase that Zack Arias series too and time just got past me.

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