D209: Don’t Hesitate

In Uncategorized on July 30, 2010 by Eric Kunimura

Landscapes are not my first choice when creating an image however I’m compelled to capture the moments when opportunities present themselves. I didn’t plan this shot. I happened to notice it through a window while shooting an event. I dashed outside and documented the moment forever.

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Viewed: Kristen + Mike | Engagement Session Cinema Short at Liana’s Bananas.


3 Responses to “D209: Don’t Hesitate”

  1. Nice one Eric. Wonderful framing using the trees in the front. For some unknown reason this post reminds me of Taj Mahal 😉

    Good work (as always) !

  2. The trees do a great job framing this subject. Great colors in the sunset too. Nice job.

  3. I agree about the framing. The coolest part to me is the way the sky graduates to a yellow tone then back to a dark blue/purple.

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