World Wide Photo Walk Bonus Image

In Uncategorized on July 28, 2010 by Eric Kunimura

I finally edited and uploaded some WWPW images to our Flickr group so I figured I share one of my favorites. This is my submission to the WWPW contest.

This person happened to be walking past us and asked if we were taking photos. One of the people in our group asked if he’d like a portrait made of himself and he responded with an enthusiastic yes.  Only three of us seized the opportunity to make his portrait. It’s very interesting to see how all three of us saw him differently and made completely different portraits of him. This was the view through my lens…

2 Responses to “World Wide Photo Walk Bonus Image”

  1. What a great image. It works really well in black and white because of all of the textures from his hat to the wall to the smoke. Nice capture.

  2. I like all the different textures and elements in the photo. It works very well together.

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