D200: Refreshing

In Uncategorized on July 21, 2010 by Eric Kunimura

The Daily Shoot assignment for 2010/07/21:

It’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Make a photo of a cool, refreshing drink. Go for something creative.

Read: Tuesday Tips: What Huck Finn and Odysseus Have in Common With Photojournalists – Alex Garcia, Assignment Chicago. I’ve recently started following Chicago Tribune photojournalist Alex Gracia on Twitter and have subscribed to the RSS feed from his blog. I find Alex’s blog to be very informative with regards to photography.  Surf over to Assignment Chicago and I’m sure you’ll find something that’ll help you to improve your photography.

3 Responses to “D200: Refreshing”

  1. Love the colors and composition Eric. That does look refreshing.

  2. The ice makes it look very refreshing. The only thing (for me) that would make it more refreshing would be sweat and condensation. Good composition, though.

  3. Your image is very refreshing! I like the color, the angle and the sun light trying to come through the glass.

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