D199: Complete Opposites

In Uncategorized on July 20, 2010 by Eric Kunimura

The Daily Shoot assignment for 2010/07/20:

Make a photograph that emphasizes a change in texture: smooth/rough, soft/hard, shiny/dull, etc.

Liquid, organic, free-flowing oil over hardened steel. Two complete opposites that poses similar characteristics. Both smooth and shiny but one is hard while the other is “soft”.

Read: Sometimes It Is About Being Able to Simply Get the Shot – Lighting Essentials

“Commercial photography has been likened to baseball. Every step up the plate must result in a home run. No singles or doubles allowed. Screw up one job and the ramifications can haunt you for years. Do a smashing, killer, wow-wow-wow job and people accept it with a smile. Not much accolades… it is what is simply expected.” – Don Giannatti

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