D198: Proceed with Caution

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I’ve developed a love/hate relationship with this 365 project.

I’ve found it hard to stay away yet I’m enjoying what feels like freedom after six months of shooting, editing, reading, and engaging in social media on a daily basis. I know my photography skills have greatly improved over a short period of time and am thankful that the hard work is making a difference.

After resisting this field of traffic signs for two days, I broke down and made an image of them; marking my return to finish out the remaining 167 days. Its become hard to stay creative EVERY day. I’m searching for a way to get over that fact and convince myself that not every picture has to have 110% effort. If I can’t figure out a way to overcome that then I don’t think I’ll make it all the way without going insane and in turn end up hating being a photographer. I need to get off of this path I’m on and temporarily find a different subject matter or a different style of photography.

This image is comprised of 5 images stitched together in Photoshop. I think the pano gives a better representation of how large the field of traffic lights is.

7 Responses to “D198: Proceed with Caution”

  1. Hi Eric and welcome back!
    I’ve definately missed your post. You have become a source of inspiration to me. I totally understand what you are saying about feeling that every image has to be 110% effort.
    What a great image – nice colors and the pano definately shows the multitude of yellow lights.

  2. Good to see your blog post Eric. I understand the freedom that you’re enjoying while taking a break from this project – as an example couple of days ago, I had my shot done before 10:00 AM and it felt like I had more time to do other things.

    Anyway, welcome back.

    Nice shot Eric…creative as always. It gives the feel that these traffic lights are starring at you.

    • Whenever I get my image before noon(which is rare), it’s somewhat of a relief to know I have the rest of the day to worry about other things. I think this tactic will help ease the pressure of making a good daily photo. I’ll try to do that more often and hopefully make it a habit.

  3. Yes, it is hard to be creative every day. I absolutely love this shot. Not only does it have great color & depth, it conveys a sense of frustration.

  4. I so understand how you feel. I’ve had all the same problems. After beating myself up about 60 days in, I decided that sometimes I just have to let go. A couple of times, I just didn’t post anything. Other times, I posted here but not on Flickr (which makes me more hypercritical). I’m just taking it one day at a time. I’m glad you’ve decided to do the same thing. I love today’s photo. Great composition.

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