D176: Print

In Uncategorized on June 27, 2010 by Eric Kunimura

I matted and framed a few portraits today to display in my home. I spend so much time working and viewing images on my computer monitor that I find it strikingly beautiful to see my work printed. Not because it my own work, but because I forget how beautiful an image is when It’s display properly. Next on the list is a large canvas print…

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Viewed: Images on the blog of Grace Tan. Grace was voted one of ten Top 10 Female Wedding Photographers by Faces Magazine.

3 Responses to “D176: Print”

  1. I agree on printed work – it looks a lot different/wonderful when matted and framed.

    I like this shot Eric. Looks like a collage.

  2. Canvas prints are great. We did one a couple years ago. I agree with you. I’m in the process of selecting images to hang in our home.

  3. Nice shot. I want to print more but hesitate because of the cost. I also have trouble choosing which I think are “worthy” of printing.

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