D174: Teach Yourself

In Uncategorized on June 24, 2010 by Eric Kunimura

I’ve found myself experimenting with DOF and focus points lately. I spent some time today studying my image because I’ve been trying to reduce the number of shots I take to achieve the image I want. The only treatment to this image was the conversion to B&W.   To help myself get it right the first time I decided to pick this image apart to see what I like and dislike about it and how it could be different.

  1. Why do I like the DOF in this image?
  2. What would the image say if the DOF was shallower or deeper than the f4 in which this was captured.
  3. Why did I choose the focus point to be on the face?
  4. What story am I telling by focusing on the face?
  5. What other story would I have told if the focus point was on the rosary cross or the praying hands?

I could spend more time answering these questions and more here on this blog but I’ll let you come up with your own answers. What does this image say to you? What other story could you create from this image by changing only the focus point and DOF?

I challenge you try an exercise where you shoot a series of images with identical composition but different focus points and DOF. Review the images side-by-side and think about what each image portrays.

note: click image to seethe larger, clearer view.

Read: Started watching Zack Arias’ Creative Live workshop from the beginning.  I got a chance to watch some of it live but didn’t get to see it from start to finish.

Viewed: Travel photography gallery of Edoardo Agresti. Edoardo is one of seven Focus for Humanity council members.


2 Responses to “D174: Teach Yourself”

  1. Very nice Eric. I really like the DoF you chose as well as the point of focus.

  2. Eric, I like the pof and monochrome effect on this shot. Wonderful composition and I like the way you have kept the focus on the eyes.

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