D171: Vertical Field

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Some day’s are tough to find inspiration. Creativity comes and goes. I fee like I took the easy way out today because it wasn’t very challenging to make this image. It did take a while to find something worth shooting today but with the lack of ideas, I didn’t “see” anything that sparked my interest.

Industrial lattice affixed to the side of a building awaiting the arrival of vines.

I added 35% deep blue color filter in Photoshop to give this image a cold feel which is very different from the warm feel I typically try to create.

Read: Black & White – Reading Color as Mono and Dodge & Burn – Practical Photography, May 2010

Viewed: More of freelance photographer Jeffrey Chapman.

2 Responses to “D171: Vertical Field”

  1. This shot kept my eyes busy 😉
    I like the perspective and depth on this shot.

  2. this looks reminiscent of an endless over industrialised landscape. very effective

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