D168: Secured

In Uncategorized on June 19, 2010 by Eric Kunimura

Arrowhead vending machine on the final day of shooting around a school in my neighborhood. It was a personal challenge to create interest from something very bland.

Note: This image does not look as sharp as the larger image. Click image for larger view.

I’ve shot everything with my 50mm lens this week. I’ve really learned to zoom with my feet by sticking with a prime all week. I’ve grown to love this lens. Someone recently told me that I must be a true photographer because I love prime lenses. I though it was a nice complement.

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3 Responses to “D168: Secured”

  1. Great color and texture.

  2. I think I should take that challenge to photograph with 50mm for a week. Nice composition on this shot.

  3. I like the ground-level PoV on this one.

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