D167: Faces

In Uncategorized on June 17, 2010 by Eric Kunimura

Sticking with Tasra365 ThemeThursday’s subject of faces, I continued to shoot something at a school near my home. Making the not-so-interesting appear interesting is a difficult thing to do.

Read: Loads of blog posts in my Google Reader that I’ve neglected this week. GoingPro2010, Scott Kelby, Marketing Essentials, Scott Bourne, Strobist, Zack Arias, and the list goes on…too many to link to…

Viewed: PhotoFocus Emerging Photographer of the year, Casey Lessard.


7 Responses to “D167: Faces”

  1. That’s quite an interesting painting. So they’ve painted the faces on the wall, door, and floor as well? Yeah I understand how it becomes hard to make dull things to look interesting.

    Google reader – it’s quite hard to catch-up with reader, isn’t it. I find it hard at times too. But it’s amazing thing that technology has brought us. I couldn’t imagine going site after site or bookmarks looking for site changes.

    • It’s a bulletin board display case hanging on a wall near the front entrance to the school office. It had bulletins in it as well as cartoonish faces along the bottom. You’re seeing the reflection of the building in the glass.

  2. Hi Eric,
    well you stuck to the challenge and you executed it well. You’re pushing your creative envelop and still coming up with great images. Good job. Is that still at the old school?

    Google reader – With work,family,reading camera manual, reading photography text books and keeping up with my “creative friends” blogs it’s almost impossible. I don’t know how you and Sasi do it.

    • Yup’ still shooting at the school. I think today(Friday) will be my last.

      Regarding Google Reader, I don’t watch/read the news or current events and entertainment. I get my current world events update from friends and coworkers. If it’s important, they’ll be talking about it. That’s how I have time to fully engage photography. Learned that from Tim Ferris’ book The Four Hour Work Week.

  3. I think you are doing a great job of making the ordinary into extraordinary. I’m learning a lot from your images. I think we are forced to be better when we don’t have too many easy choices.

  4. I try to keep up with my blog posts but don’t worry about the news very much. I have USA Today and NY Timess on my iPad and get the top stories only. I think I mentioned that I went to a local school to try what you’re doing. Nothing there. So, well done. What’s the next challenge? Interested in making one a team challenge?

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