D166: Disconnected

In Black & White on June 16, 2010 by Eric Kunimura Tagged: , , , ,

If you’re asking yourself “what is this?” after looking at this image, I don’t think you’ll ever guess.

An uncommon trick to making interesting images is to simply rotate the image or flip it 180 degrees. I rarely do this and in fact, I’ve probably only done it twice in the past year but it worked for this image. This image is actually upside down from the way it was originally shot. After editing I decided to turn the image over and as it turned out, the image became much more interesting and unrecognizable.

So what is is?…It’s a water spicket in a brick wall of a school building. This is my 2nd day of looking for interesting subjects around a school near my home…

This image somehow lost sharpness after uploading to wordpress. Not sure why.

Read: Spent a lot of time researching new gear bags today so I guess my reading for today was technical information about camera gear.

Viewed: Showcase – Inspirational Images From Pros & PP Readers, Practical Photography, May 2010.

4 Responses to “D166: Disconnected”

  1. I went to an old school nearby last night in hopes of taking some inspiration from you. I found nothing but brick walls basically. I was bummed. So I had to go looking for something else. Maybe I’ll find another old building and try again.

    • It’s not easy to make interesting images around a bland square brick building like the school here. I think it trains me to see things most people wouldn’t. Give it another go!

  2. Great shot and yes very interesting. I might have to try that techinique some day. I was guessing but I guessed wrong.

  3. I really like the detail shots you take. The way you have used very shallow dof makes this shot much less ordinary. And yes I have also found that limiting onesself to one area does indeed force you to train your eye – especially with a 50mm prime.

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