D158: Not Made in China

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“Iteration or repetition of a subject makes for good composition.” The Daily Shoot: D204

I found my shot of the day while preparing to replace a broken floor tile in my home. In following with The Daily Shoot, I discovered my repetitive pattern when I turned a floor tile over to inspect the bottom of it. I was also delighted to see that it was made in Spain rather than China. The fact that this tile was circa 1991 is probably the reason it’s not made in China. Tile from Spain says “quality” to me.

Read: Composition: Prescriptive or Descriptive? – Matt Brandon’s The Digital Trekker.

Viewed: More of Matt Brandon’s images at The Digital Trekker. I’d love to be mentored by someone like Matt. I can only dream of doing what he does for NGO’s (non-governmental organizations).


6 Responses to “D158: Not Made in China”

  1. I remember when my daughter was 5 year old, she asked why most of the things are made in China. Hard to explain to a 5 yr old 😉

    I like the repeated pattern on this tile. First time I saw this, I thought this was a doormat.

  2. Nice shot. I appreciate your creativity in ‘seeing’ these compositions.

  3. Makes a nice pattern. But I thought you did your repetition photo yesterday.

  4. funny how shots occur to us at the most unexpected moments. I think it is also a sign of how well you have trained yourself to see.

  5. Nice shot, great pattern find. Imagine finding the photo of the day while working to fix something at home. LOL

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