D157: Bellflower

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Needing some inspiration today, I decided to follow Sandra Marek’s Daily Post challenge #204 and shoot a manhole cover (D152 of her 365). I think it was fun trying to come up with ideas on how to shoot a manhole cover. Do I shoot it horizontal with shallow DOF, straight down from directly over it, or capture it as an element in a landscape? Saturated color? De-saturated color? Black and white?  What do I want to say about this manhole cover? This was a great lesson in “how do I make this interesting”. In the end I chose this image. Thanks Sandra!

Read: Five Easy Tips For Handling Customer Problems – GoingPro2010. In addition to photography, this post applies to many other aspects of life.

Viewed: Powerful images by Matt Brandon. If you haven’t checked out The Digital Trekker yet I suggest you do so. Sensory overload. I think I’ll be there for a few days discovering more about photography.

5 Responses to “D157: Bellflower”

  1. I never thought you could come up with those many ways for ‘manhole’ challenge 😉
    I like this photo. You could have very well made this to be a ‘guess what’ challenge.

  2. Thanks Eric, what a nice compliment, wish I could take the credit but the idea came from a group called “Daily Shoot” on Twitter. Either way, I love your work and seeing my name on your blog was pretty exciting.

    Your manhole image is very interesting. The composition is perfect because it leaves the rest to the imagination. It almost looks like gears. Another great image.

  3. Very creative. I did not notice the bell until after I saw the name. Very contemporary shot. I could see this hanging in one of those modern hi-tech office buildings.

  4. I love the thought you put into it.

  5. I like your final framing choice. The texture and contrast are great.

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