D148: Angel Hair

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…No not angel hair pasta. I shot some things for a personal project today but didn’t want to use them for my 365 post. I shot a few extra things to use for today’s post so here it is:

Read: Syl Arena’s blog Speedliting. Great blog with loads of information and how-to articles. A definite bookmark and follow type of blog. …and now added to my Google Reader!

Viewed: Images from Stacy Pearsall. She’s an award-winning ex-combat photographer with a well-rounded career. Is there anything she can’t do?

4 Responses to “D148: Angel Hair”

  1. Wonderful bokeh on this shot. Do you know what plant is this?

  2. yes beautiful light, looks like an underwater plant.

  3. The light and tones are beautiful.

  4. Great bokeh!

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