D146: Diversity

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Today’s Tasra365 ThemeThursday subject is Diversity.

My original idea for today’s image was to shoot out-of-focus down the middle of a crowded sidewalk in downtown Phoenix. My problem was that there just weren’t enough people passing by at one time even after waiting for 30mins. This was during my lunch break so I couldn’t wait around all day.  I opted for a group of people signing petitions. Today’s subject is somewhat fitting considering the current controversy over immigration in Arizona.

Faceless diversity all around you…

Today’s exercise was a lesson in being bold enough to stand in the middle of a city sidewalk and shot oncoming pedestrians without fear of being confronted. It was actually liberating.

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7 Responses to “D146: Diversity”

  1. I like this intentional blur that depicts diversity.

  2. I really like the blur. Well done. Certainly on the subject.

  3. the blur has a painterly touch, like the new blog design.

  4. Great idea and so cool that it was liberating for you!

  5. Great shot! Love the blur and nondescript diversity!

  6. Nicely blurred image to represent Diversity. Good job.

  7. Great use of blur. I too find it intimidating to do candid street shots but I am working on it. Thanks for the inspiration.

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