D139: Flight

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Today’s Tasra365 ThemeThursday subject is Flight.

If there’s a good reason to take ThemeThursdays seriously it’s this:

I see ThemeThursdays as an assignment. Whether I like the theme or not, I’m forced to think of a creative way to capture it. ThemeThursdays are good “training” for paying gigs that you might not enjoy (but need to pay the bills). There’s bound to be a few assignment where you’re not feeling creative or don’t really like the subject. Those moments are times where you have to forge ahead and get work done regardless of how you feel. I think approaching ThemeThursdays in this manner will help strengthen me as a photographer and prepare me for real world situations. Zack Arias blogged about being an apartment photographer and how he learned a lot even though he felt it wasn’t a “photography”.

I had some ideas for todays theme but wasn’t really too excited about it. In the end I stuck with the theme instead of shooting something else. I enjoy ThemeThursdays most of the time but just wasn’t feelin’ it today.

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4 Responses to “D139: Flight”

  1. Well, I commend you for going with something you had no interest in. I never remember about theme Thursday so I missed it all together. It’s a nice thought but I think the feather needs to be much bigger. Nice concept.

  2. I love this shot. Glad you pressed on even though you weren’t feeling it. I love looking at others interpretation of Theme Thursdays.

  3. I like your interpretation of flight theme and I completely agree with you on your thoughts on theme challenge.

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