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Today’s Tasra365 ThemeThursday subject is Worn.

Read: Tips On Landing a Speaking Gig – Marketing Essentials. Not that it has any relevance to me right now but it was some interesting insight…

Viewed: Cruised through Flickr looking at images tagged with self (portrait). I’ve noticed that it’s mostly women who love to take self portraits of themselves. Why is that?


4 Responses to “D133:Torn”

  1. Those are really nice worn jeans.
    Your self portraits question? I’m not sure. Maybe because our looks are more important to us (most woman), most men that I know don’t like having their pictures taken, much less take it themselves.

  2. I like the texture on this photo – that’s what about Jeans, right? they have wonderful texture and you have captured it.

    On your question on self-portrait, I have to second the comments made by Sandra Marek. I take every opportunity to hide behind my camera when it comes to posing for a picture 😉 – no self-portrait for me and I bet most men have similar opinion.

  3. Nice and worn. In fact, I probably would’ve thrown them out already. Men, though, like to keep them until they fall apart. I like the way you angled the seams.

    Just to let you know, I don’t like self-portraits anymore. I only have two I think. I may tend to agree with the other two on the reason, but … it may also have to do with the fact that most men are afraid they’re not good looking enough. I think men have more ego about that than women.

  4. great pair of jeans – at their best. Self portraits, I think there is something about trying to find one’s identity – particularly young women. And women probably spend more time looking in the mirror, which may make them more comfortable with their own image.

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