D131: Maintenance

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I typically try not to incorporate my daily issues into my 365 posts but today warranted it. This is what took most of my free time today which impacted my chance to venture out and find an interesting subject.

It seems as though maintenance has been a popular task in my life this week. Maintenance around my home, maintenance on my vehicles, and maintenance on my computer which leads me into my topic for today: backing up your work. I recently notice the hard drive of my desktop nearing full capacity. This was starting to slow performance so I decided to add a third layer of redundancy to my backup system. I now have two backups in addition to the original data on my desktop for a total of three hard drives with identical data. I now feel secure knowing that all my family photos and photography work will not be lost.

How much precaution do you take to ensure your hard work isn’t lost?

Thought I’d throw in bonus image since I had a hard time deciding which style to post today. If you haven’t guessed, the 2nd image is more my style. Simplistic yet still tells a story. Post a comment and let me know which you prefer.

Read: The ABC’s of Composition – Guy Tal, Popular Photography, June 2010

Viewed: L.A based celebrity portraitist Cheyenne Ellis. Believe it or not, the beach portrait of Halle Berry was shot with nothing more than a single gold reflector held in her lap as she shot the photograph.


6 Responses to “D131: Maintenance”

  1. I like the first photo as it gives more details about the story.

    On your question, I do a backup to NAS drive once every 2 days and do a backup to an external hard drive once every month or so. I don’t do a identical backup though – I have different profiles and back it up based on the disk usage.

  2. Here is my backup strategy:

    I use a site called BackBlaze (both Windows and Mac compatible) that has unlimited online backups. It is $50 a year, and they allow you to backup external drives (which is key for me). It automatically backs up any new files, or changed files. It works really great! (I think I have in the neighborhood of 2.5tb backed up there alreaady!)

    Secondly, I store all my images and working files, business documents and such on a Drobo that, right now, is loaded with 2 1tb drives, and 2 500gb drives. This allows me drive to fail locally and to be able to recover nicely. the Drobo is backed up to BackBlaze as well.

    Third, I make a nightly exact copy of my MacBook Pro’s hard drive, and take that to an offsite location everyday. I have two drives so it is swapped everyday.

    Fourth, all images (especially for clients) are backed up to DVD right after I import them, and those are stored off site.

    Lastly, (and I haven’t gotten to do this yet) I am planning to add an Apple Time Capsule to be able to use Time Machine for both my computer and my wife’s. I just haven’t gotten around to buying that yet.

    It seems like a lot, but I am totally comfortable that if we have a fire or something, I can get my images back.

    At the very least, I recommend looking at BackBlaze. That $50 a year is worth a lot of peace of mind!

    Great images by the way!

  3. Hi
    I vote for the first image. Great post processing.

  4. I like the first one. It give a nice gritty, industrial kind of feeling and has more detail. I like the pop of yellow as well.

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