D124: Reminder

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Reminder: Mother’s Day is this Sunday. Mail your Mother’s Day cards out!

Stick with me…I’ll get my nose back to the grinding stone soon.

Read: Camera Obscura, Hiroyuki Ito – The New York Times Lens

“I GO out and take pictures every day. Nobody paid or asked me to do it. No divine inspiration struck me even once in my life. I am quite boring.” – Hiroyuki Ito

Viewed: More images by Hiroyuki Ito. 

3 Responses to “D124: Reminder”

  1. Good reminder! Interesting article. I retweeted this phrase: “Life confounds me… I am a clueless spectator to my own life.”

    We all pick up a camera and interact with it in such unique and personal ways. It’s amazing to see and read how someone approaches their work in such a unique way.

  2. I like the reminder note via photo post…great idea!

  3. Did that on Monday. Wanted to make sure I didn’t forget. Nice shot.

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