D123: Combination

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Started the day with a renewed sense of creativity and drive thanks to support from fellow 365ers and a look at some inspiring B&W photos from Hiroyuki Ito.

I thought I’d combine a couple of techniques today so I went with a long exposure to capture light trails and in-camera framing provided by a safety fence. I could have used a little more traffic for better light trails but there weren’t many cars on the road.

Read: So You Want to Get Published?, GoingPro2010. Great insight on the real process of getting your images published.

Viewed: A handful of images by Hiroyuki Ito at The New Your Times’ Lens Blog. Hiroyuki’s images inspired me to keep plugging away at this photography project. I think I’ve found a pro photographer that possesses the attributes I’ve been working towards.


One Response to “D123: Combination”

  1. This is an awesome shot.

    I like the light trails and those “star” like effect on stop lights and street lights. I agree, a few more cars/trails would have made it more dramatic. Great job!

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