D115: Xing

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Don’t drive and shoot…

If you keep your camera in the passenger seat of your vehicle, you just might capture your shot of the day. These camera settings may help you capture a quick shot that you might otherwise miss is you have to fumble with your camera.

  1. Lens cap off
  2. Hood on (mainly for protection)
  3. Camera set to aperture priority mode
  4. Autofocus on
  5. Aperature somewhere around F/8
  6. Center point focus (quicker to focus and then compose)

Read: Photo Editing/Selecting Ti – Scott Bourne, Photofocus

Viewed: Christian Del Rosario

2 Responses to “D115: Xing”

  1. Goods tips here.

    To keep things simpler I carry a P&S with me most of the time – though it doesn’t do a thorough jobs as a SLR, it does a decent job. I like your idea of keeping the aperture at f/8.

  2. I tried shooting while driving one day. It was quite scary, actually. Of course, I was trying to shoot the car in front of me and its distance was distorted because of the zoom. Next time I try that, I won’t put it up to my eye. Yikes! =}

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