D109: Charcoal

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Today’s image is not what I intended on capturing when I set this shot up. I originally wanted to capture bubbles in a champagne glass lit by blue light. I set this shot up to tested my focus and exposure before filling the glass with clear carbonated soda. After shooting a few  images with different light angles and shutter speeds (to capture bubbles floating up to the surface) I discovered that the empty glass was my favorite. I converted the originally blue image to B&W and instantly realized that I had just created a charcoal fine art masterpiece with my camera.

Do you ever have days when your test shot turns out to be better than what you were trying to capture?

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2 Responses to “D109: Charcoal”

  1. This photo reminds me of an image I saw in a photography related book titled “Light: Science and Magic”.

    I like the sharpness and subtle lighting on this capture.

  2. It looks very flat. And I think that is what I like about it. It does become very fine-art looking.

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