D108: Abstract Pear

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Day7 and the end of the Kitchen Cupboard Challenge. Glass bowl+water+pear+light.

Not feeling very creative today but thought outside the box and tried something different.

After reading the article below I realized that a little post processing isn’t such a bad thing. Many critics feel that the images you create aren’t pure if you Photoshop them. If you’re a great photographer, you shouldn’t have to Photoshop your images. The truth is that even legendary photographers like Ansel Adams manipulated his images in the darkroom. The techniques the “film” guys used during print making were the equivalent of digital post processing or Photoshopping. A large part of being a film photographer was the print making process which included techniques like dodging and burning. Yes, these photographers were artist in the darkroom.

How do you feel about Photoshopping images?

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2 Responses to “D108: Abstract Pear”

  1. I like the the texture on this composition. The way you have arranged the sliced pears and concentric circles on the plates(?) makes this interesting.

    On your question on PP, I am not a big fan of PP. But I do minimal PP to bring out the colors, sharpness, contrast and such. You’re right on how during film days they used push processing and other techniques in the darkroom for PP (or may be they had a different word). In the modern digital age we use software to do PP. As along as its done to a minimal extend I think it should be OK 🙂

  2. I agree. I’ve been telling people this fact for a couple of years now. Even Scott Kelby enhances skies and water and whatever, and everything still looks like a photo. It’s when you start adding “digital” elements that it kinda crosses the line into digital art.

    This is definitely an abstract. It’s very difficult telling what it is. Nice thinking out of the box.

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