D107: Shitake

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Day6 of the Kitchen Cupboard Challenge…one more day to go!

It’s amazing how light can enhance texture. If this shot was lit from above or from ambient light it would have looked flat and boring. By lighting with side light the wonderful texture of the shitake mushrooms are enhanced. The side light creates depth. Experiment with lighting from various angles until you get the look you envisioned.

Are you using light to it’s full potential?

Read: The Art of Exclusion, Practical Photograph, April 2010

Viewed: Hyogo, Japan photographer Tomo on Flickr. I can only wish to shoot with a Mamiya like she does.


4 Responses to “D107: Shitake”

  1. Nice light and composition.

    I use light usually when it’s there. I’m wanting to be a little more creative with it, though.

  2. I like the the lighting and texture on this. The black background has really brought out the colors on Shitake.

    You mentioned side lighting for this capture. Did you use external flash or some other natural lighting.


    • I used a small desk lamp. I’m in the process of shopping for a softbox and think I like the Lasolite EZybox. What lighting are you currently using?

      • I don’t really have a lighting setup that I use exclusively for photography. Although I bought a couple of $6 project lamp at hardware store and used daylight CFL bulbs on it. Used it couple of times with a parchment paper wrapped around the lighting head to get a diffused lighting.

        I am tempted to build my own softbox at times. Only time has to answer 😉

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