D105: Reveal

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I continue with Day4 of the Kitchen Cupboard Challenge…

I’m an engineer that spends my day making decisions based off of data driven facts, yet I prefer to be more free-flowing and creative in my personal life. I’ve done what society has taught me to do which is to be successful by living a status quo life. By choosing a safe, well-paying career regardless of how unfulfilling it is. It’s time to start pursuing my dreams. The dreams I create, not the dreams that society has molded for me. It’s time to start chipping away at that outer shell to see who I really am.

Are you the same on the inside as you present yourself to be on the outside?

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One Response to “D105: Reveal”

  1. Great insight into yourself. Good luck in that endeavor. And to answer your question — yes. I try not to live as the world expects. Life’s just too short.

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