D104: Half

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Day3 of the Kitchen Cupboard Challenge:

I’ve gained a tremendous amount of photography skills so far in this 365 journey. Most of the time I find myself focusing on composition and interesting subjects. I take light into consideration but don’t use it to my full advantage. I’m a huge fan of natural light but today I continued to practice lighting with artificial light. I’ve always thought of softboxes to be primarily for lighting people but now realize that I need to add one to my equipment list. I think having the right type of light would make lighting setup much faster and easier.

How have you experimented with off camera lighting? What equipment have you used?

Read: 10 Things You Must Know About Light, Popular Photography – May 2010

Viewed: Photofocus Emerging Photographer of the year finalist Ryan Gibson. I really like Ryan’s HDR style and highly interesting subjects.

2 Responses to “D104: Half”

  1. The lighting is great. I’m with you about needing some lighting equipment. Thanks for the link to Ryan’s photos. I love his style.

  2. I like to learn a combination of natural light and off camera lighting. I’ve recently been interested in using a snoot on my off camera flash.

    I like this photo, detail is cool.

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