D99: Calibrate

In Black & White, Uncategorized on April 9, 2010 by Eric Kunimura

I was viewing this blog from a laptop today and noticed that the colors aren’t exactly as I see them on my monitor. You see, my monitor is color calibrated using a calibration tool. I know the Huey isn’t the absolute best calibrator on the market but it does make the monitor color much more accurate than a non-calibrated monitor. If you do any editing you should be using a calibration tool to be sure the colors are accurate. Before you spend money on any other piece of photography equipment, get a calibrator.

Are you sure the colors you see on your monitor are accurate?

Read:Lens Choices, Practical Photography Magazine – April 2010

Viewed: Two time Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Greg Gibson. Greg has had an amazing career so far. A definite must see gallery.


One Response to “D99: Calibrate”

  1. I use Eye-One, which I found out, after purchase, belongs to Pantone. You definitely couldn’t process photos correctly without one.

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