D97: Smooth Jazz

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The brown tones throughout this shot made for a boring scene even though the composition was okay. I went with an HDR-like post to liven it up a little and help separate the monotone colors.

How do you post process to make your photographs more interesting when you can’t get a do-over?

Read: 3 Fantastic Uses of the Photoshop High Pass Filter, Andrew Gibson – PhotoTuts+

Viewed: Celebrity photographer Matt Mendelsohn. Matt’s portfolio ranges from past presidents to celebrities and even the back streets of foreign countries. Phenomenal documentary work!

4 Responses to “D97: Smooth Jazz”

  1. Eric, love this shot for me it just oozes passion great work !

  2. This is one of my favorites of yours so far, and among my favorites I’ve seen. Of course the theme is great, I love music, I love Jazz, I love all things vintage / grassrootsy / and authentic. Not to mention I play bass. Outside of the theme, I love the way you made this picture look like it was hot off the press of a 50’s music mag.

  3. I’m glad you related to it so well. Now I have to snag one of you playing the bass. I have to go back and look for a 50’s music mag now.

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