D88: Fifteen-5

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We’ve posted a 2nd warning for you in case you missed the first big yellow sign.

Have you ever missed a perfect shot because you were afraid to take it, only to be presented with a second opportunity later? There have been a few shots that I’ve missed because I was either hesitant to take out my camera, or afraid to take the shot because of the situation.

I’m working on overcoming those fears and simply seizing the moment instead. I guess I’m afraid of what the subject might say or do if they don’t like that fact that I’m photographing them. I’m starting to think that with street photography, most people either think they’re getting in the way of your shot or think that I’m not photographing them at all. I’ve never been confronted but then again, I haven’t done much true street photography.

What shot have you missed because you hesitated or were too afraid?

Read: Posing to flatter the subject on Bambi Cantrell’s blog

Viewed: Pet photographer Suzanne Byrd. I needed a fresh perspective so I looked over her work with animals.


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