D81: Entitlement

In Uncategorized on March 22, 2010 by Eric Kunimura

When did Americans start thinking they should receive a tip for no reason at all?

I feel that tips should be earned. They’re a reward for hard work. They’re a token of appreciation for going above and beyond what’s required of you.

Working hard is easy when you’re passionate about what you do. I think that’s why so many photographers and artist work so hard. They’re extremely passionate about their art. I have yet to experience what it’s like to make a living by photography as I have a full-time career and shoot as a hobby (for now). I read a lot about how hard it can be to earn a living as a photographer. It seems that even the best pros have to hustle, but the difference is probably that they still love doing what they do.

Did you start this 365 challenge as a starting point on a path towards a career as a photographer?

What does it take to be considered a “pro” anyway?

Read: How Photography Helped Me Learn To Live For Amazing¬†Moments – Scott Bourne, Photofocus. Scott’s post reminds me not to be disappointed when I miss an opportunity(with the camera), but rather enjoy the fact that I was able to experience it.

Viewed: The photography of David Duchemin. Amazing images. I admire his work and vision.


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