D79: Merry Christmas?

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Christmas tree stands tossed out and forgotten until next year. When the celebration is over and the beautiful decorations are taken down, do you remember what Christmas is truly about?

My life was pretty mundane before I started this 365 challenge. I had the same daily routines and didn’t deviate much (even though I kinda enjoy spontaneity). Now I constantly think about what my next shot will be and where I can go to get it. I venture to places that I typically wouldn’t go to and talk to people I would never have the courage to approach. I spend lots of time thinking, reading, and viewing photography. I even recently started carrying my camera into restaurants in case I see an opportunity. This challenge is changing me as a person and it’s changing the way I view the world.

What was your life like before you started your photographic challenge?

p.s. I call them Christmas trees, not holiday trees…

Read: Interviews of Zoria. These snippets from various interviews paint a great picture of who Zoria is. I admire his dedication to fulfilling his dream of changing the world through photography.

Viewed: Gallery of veteran photojournalist Zoria. Amazing images!


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