D76: Lo-Lo’s

In Uncategorized on March 17, 2010 by Eric Kunimura Tagged: , , , ,

Chicken and waffles! I said I’d never shoot food for my 365 but I couldn’t resist today.

Though I never imagined that this combination would taste good together; I tried it today. I went along more for the experience but ended up absolutely loving it. Don’t be surprised if you see the outside of this joint in the next few days. I wanted to shoot the exterior but obviously couldn’t do it at noon with all the harsh sunlight.

Are you pushing beyond the comfort zone of your photography?

Try something you wouldn’t normally do before the week ends. Ask a total stranger on the street to photograph them. Take a hike and bring your gear along. Shoot some extreme sports. Stop shooting random objects in your boring daily life. Do something other than what you normally do!

Read: DIY Reflector by Peter Kolonia, Popular Photography, April 2010

Viewed: Barcelona, Spain photographer Jairo Marcos.

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