D71: Carpe Momento

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I went for a photo walk around Old Town today. I had fun and captured a handful of images I really like so I thought I’d share two of them here.

Carpe Momento

While heading back to my car I noticed a perfect opportunity for a great portrait. She was a beautiful brunette woman sitting on a short wall with her head down, pondering her thoughts. The setting sun was softly illuminating her from the left.

I walked up to her and asked politely for permission to photograph her. This is the first time I’ve ever asked a perfect stranger to be photographed, and I’m very lucky I did. I explained the 365 challenge and what I was doing. She agreed to allow me to photograph her and then we continued to our conversation. As it turns out, she’s a photographer on the cusp of displaying her work publicly as an artist.

Our talk about photography left me questioning myself as a photographer/artist. Cansu seems more of an artist with a camera. A photographer that feels the spirit and essence of an image. I on the other hand feel like a hack on a mission; always thinking about the technicalities of the image first. Our short conversation has made me think about who I am as a photographer. Do I want to be a photog hunting for an image or do I want to feel the emotion while seeing the image materialize? I prefer the latter…

…I know right about now, you’re wondering where this great portrait is and why I haven’t posted it…well…I forgot to ask her permission to post it here!

Today’s lesson: Don’t be afraid to ask for a photographic opportunity. You never know how that one simple question will impact your life.

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