D54: Chinese Garden

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The instructor of a photography class I took always repeated that you should rotate your camera when framing a shot to see if the angle makes the image more interesting. This shot of Chinese roof tiles was a bit boring until I searched for different angles by rotating my camera.

When framing, do you remember to rotate your camera?

Read: San Francisco Behind-The-Scenes Trip Report – Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider. Scott’s report made me realize that even the best in the business get up before dawn and have days where mother nature doesn’t cooperate.  I need to commit to getting out earlier.

Images: Giovanni Orlando’s 365 Days of BOKEH on Flickr. You can see that he put thought and effort into each image all the way up to the 365th one. I hope I can say the same on my 365th day.

2 Responses to “D54: Chinese Garden”

  1. I have never taken a photography class so I never knew about this tip, until today. Thank you, and you are right, your picture is very interesting. I imagine it would not be the same affect straight on. Great image and thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m glad you learned something new! I almost didn’t mention rotating the camera because I thought it was to basic. Thanks to your comment I’m now happy I posted that tip!

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