D51: Texture

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My daily read and what I shoot have been oddly tied in to each other lately. The things I’ve been reading directly relate to what I’ve shot prior to reading.

Take this example of light, shadow, and texture. I made this image after waiting for the sun to set in order to capture what I envisioned. After editing I picked up a photography book, thumbed through it, and picked a random topic(see Read below). What I read was about leaving things out of the frame to make the image more interesting.

Had I taken this image from any other angle or not cropped as tight, you would have seen that this is actually a decorative strand of lights hanging from the back patio of my home. You would have seen the distracting Christmas light wire that this ball of twigs hangs by. By cropping tight and finding the right angle I was able to make an interesting image.

Are you viewing your subject from every angle possible and thinking about what to leave out of the frame?

Read: It’s What you Leave Out of the Frame – The Digital Photography Book Vol.3 by Scott Kelby

“It’s not always what you put in your frame – it’s sometimes what you leave out” – Scott Kelby

Images: Gallery of world and humanitarian photographer David du Chemin. I’ll be reviewing his galleries for another day or two.


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