D43: Beautiful Hues

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I set up early this morning to capture this beautiful transition from orange to lavender. This is what I saw yesterday but by the time I grabbed my camera the colors had faded and the sky brightened up. I’m starting to realize how quickly the colors in the sky change during sunrise and sunset. It’s something that I’ve never really payed much attention to until I started this photography journey.

What have you missed in your life because you took it for granted? I challenge you to make a change. It could be something as simple as stopping to watch the sunrise on a new day. Perhaps it’s spending an extra few minutes with your children or a loved one before rushing out the door to work.

I loaded a few Photoshop Actions last night and processed this with Canon Soft Recovery to give it a Nikon-like look. Images from a Nikon tend to look more vibrant than images shot with a Canon.

Read: The Sky Brothers and Night & Low Light Photography in Chapter Four of Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson.

Images: More of Tokyoform’s photostream on Flickr. I love Japan and need to find my way back there again someday.

One Response to “D43: Beautiful Hues”

  1. Gorgeous images! It’s amazing how quickly the sky changes colors especially at sunrise & sunset.

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