D35: Light

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Today’s Tasra365 Theme Thursday subject is Light.

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a fan of negative space. I like simple images that invoke emotion. I wanted to capture colorful inspiring light for today’s theme but ended up liking this image the most. The exact opposite of what I set out to capture.

The single light in this image is only capable of lighting a small area of this dark suburban park. It keeps the park bench from being alone in the dark. It’s always there night after night. It’s always bright and never dark. It’s light is positive to the dark’s negativeness.

Are you the light in someones life? Do you inspire and encourage people?

Read: Chapter Three: Shutter Speed of Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson.

Images: Viewed more images on the blog of Hawaii wedding photographer Frank Amodo.

2 Responses to “D35: Light”

  1. I like how it lights the path to the bench too! Great post.

  2. This is good stuff Eric. You are very talented. The pictures are inspirational and moving all on their own, but when I read your commentaries I feel challenged as well.

    Great job! My only question… When are we going to see some of your work on the website 😉

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