D24: Dilapidated

In Uncategorized on January 24, 2010 by Eric Kunimura

You’re an artist.  You’re at times a poet and a storyteller.  You’re at times a journalist.  You’re a technician and an inventor.  For wedding photographers, you’re a therapist, a psychologist – even a mediator.  And my favorite of all, you’re a magician – you capture memories and turn the intangible into reality!” – Skip Cohen

I don’t see many barns living here in Phoenix. I see this dilapidated old barn off in the distance every Sunday on my drive to church. Today I decided to explore the area and see if I could get a shot of it.

I experimented with overprocessing this image. I’ve been trying  different styles of processing and learning Photoshop beyond the basics.

Are you stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself?

Read: Sunday Morning Reflections: A Picture Really is Worth a Thousand Words – Skip Cohen’s Blog

Images: Looked through Chitra Aiyer’s Best Set on Flickr. Chitra is a finalist for Photofocus’s Emerging Photographer of the Year award.


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