D21: Grow

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Today’s Tasra365 Theme Thursday subject is Growth.

When I saw what the theme for today was, I knew exactly what I was going to shoot. I’m sure many of us have had one just like it during our childhood. This is a shot of my son’s growth chart that we’ve been using to track his height as he grows up. We started it 2 1/2 years ago. He loves standing up as straight as he can to see how tall he’s gotten every six months.

I measure and mark the wall next to the door leading out to the garage. It was a little tricky to capture because of the door jamb and the garage door opener (at the top of the image). I couldn’t figure out a way to shoot it without the garage door opener in the picture. I guess I could have photoshopped it out but I didn’t want to manipulate the image to that extent.

Do you have memories of charting your height when you were a child?

Read: Guest Blog Wednesday blog of John Keatley on Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider. Cool blog on how he got started. I watched the short video about him as well.

Images: Viewed John Keatley’s work on his website. Interesting style…

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