D14: Locked In or Locked Out

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Today’s Tasra365 Theme Thursday subject is Spirals.

When I think of spirals I think of fun and happiness. I think of spiral slides at kiddie playgrounds, swirly wind chimes, and Slinkies.

Fun spirals is not what I found today. This barbed wire was on a fence in an industrial area near the company I work for. The first thing that came to mind was weather or not this barbed wire was there to keep something in (to control it) or to keep something out (from harming whatever was inside). I tried to capture that feeling in this image.

Do you feel caged-in or kept out?

Read: It’s “Guest Blog Wednesday” featuring Laura Heald! at

Images: Watched a few slide shows on She’s a friend and wedding photog in San Diego, California.

One Response to “D14: Locked In or Locked Out”

  1. Great shot and such a different view of spirals than I would have imagined. Nice work!

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